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Legal Boundaries: Why titles matter

May 30, 2016

You have just moved into your new home and your neighbour knocks on your door. They say that your garage is two metres into their boundary, and that they need this space to widen their driveway. Suddenly you wish you had known where your boundary was before you purchased the property.

There is a great deal of information now available which shows the boundaries on properties that were previously not apparent without a survey. With the rise of the internet, prospective purchasers are raising issues as to the location of legal boundaries that existing owners may never have known about previously.


Hamilton City mayoral candidate debate – property & construction issues – 7 September

August 23, 2010

The Property Council are organising a debate to hear candidates in the only organised debate/forum, with a property and construction focus. With Hamilton City Council elections fast approaching in October this event is a chance for you to be well informed and ask the questions you want to know.

Register here

Latest EJ Update

August 16, 2010

The latest EJ newsletter the EJ Update is available here. The latest Fineprint is available here.

This EJ Update includes information about:

  • The ‘Legal Warrant of Fitness’ a new and simple survey that ensures that your personal and business affairs are up-to-date
  • Changes to witnessing of enduring power of attorney documents
  • The Government’s proposal to do away with gift duty
  • Changes to the definition of ‘beneficiary income’

Latest Fineprint

July 14, 2010

Is available here.

In this edition:

  • Financial Advisers Act 2008
  • The Major Events Management Act
  • Subdivision nightmare
  • A note about notaries

Please note that for ease of reading when opening up the PDF go to View –> Page Display –> Two up

Waipa District subdivision rules to change

June 2, 2010

Here is a letter from CKL setting out the proposed changes Waipa District Council are planning to make to their subdivision criteria.

Important info for property investors in special Property eSpeaking

May 21, 2010

Important information for property investors here…