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Good Husbandry

May 11, 2017

Give it some thought when buying or selling

Agreements for the sale and purchase of rural land generally contain a ‘good husbandry’ clause. This clause is often inserted into the agreement as a ‘boiler plate’ or standard clause by real estate agents when preparing contracts. We discuss why it’s better to tailor-make this clause to suit each transaction.

The standard clause is often worded along these lines:

From the date of this Agreement until settlement, the Vendor shall continue to farm the property in a good and husband-like manner and in accordance with approved good farming practice in the district and shall neither overstock nor under-stock the property, nor do anything to impoverish the soil nor remove or damage any improvement or fixtures on the property.

However, both a seller and a buyer should give careful thought to the wording of this clause and its implications; it should be tailored to suit the particulars of any given transaction. This is particularly so for transactions where settlement is some time out from when the agreement was signed. It also needs to relate to properties where specific types of farming are being carried out.


Waipa District subdivision rules to change

June 2, 2010

Here is a letter from CKL setting out the proposed changes Waipa District Council are planning to make to their subdivision criteria.

Latest Property eSpeaking

April 29, 2010

In this issue:

  • Real Estate Agents Act 2009: obligation to provide specific information to sellers;
  • Tenants in Common versus Joint Tenancy: What is the difference?
  • Property Briefs: New retirement vistas and changes to investor visas for ‘overseas persons’ – New unit titles legislation